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Order your blade NOW from the custom saber shop. full parts list and links on White is great for a worklight, Green shows up better on camera.

7/8th thin wall for flow.

Thick wall will still flow, but needs more counterweight on the pommel to be balanced. 

Thick wall is a serious weapon, if you have need of such.

38" is a good size for most. I'm 5'11" and it works for me. IT also balances out nicely. Longer is better for learning contact. More length equals more sweet spot for contact.

NO RED BLADES EVER. Red blades currently rep evil. We are the Loveside of the Force. so represent the light please.

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Even though a thick wall will still flow, it will require more counterweight on the pommel in order to be balanced. It also has a pleasing overall balance. When it comes to learning contact, the longer the better. In terms of length, more length means a larger sweet spot for contact.

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