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Fast, easy personal power ups.

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Hi ya'll! I'm going to start loading up livestreams ASAP.

But for now:

1.Hydrate with spring water constantly. ONLY springwater. It has the nutrients needed to maintain healthy body performance.

you can get it at many stores,and it will say it on the label.

2. Supplement Magnesium. It will be like adding octane boosters to your muscles. And it so helps with anxiety.

3. Get Vitamin D from the sun. We are solar powered. Use coconut oil for sunblock. many sunscreens contain awful chemicals that your skin quite literally eats. 

Coco oil is nutritious, and spf 4-6. And smells good...

4. Exercise! Your lymphatic system pumps out the toxins, and it only works when you pump your muscles.

Kung Flow is great for that.... 🙂 

So is dancing. Music is a massive power up. 

5. Eat more roughage. Leafy greens give us much needed vitamins and such. 

They also act as a brush that cleans out our intestinal tracts. If you've got an extended belly, much of that is impacted fecal matter that is backed up in your intestines. 

Clear that out and you will look and feel so much better.

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Thanks for sharing highly engaging and creative post

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